Oh hey there!

Welcome to my wee corner of the internet. Thank you for taking the time to look through my website and learn a little more about me and my work. Whether it's to document the details and eccentricities or your wedding day through a cinematic film or artful photography, choosing the right person for the job can be a daunting task. I’m honoured even to be considered.

I get it. You want someone who you connect with, who understands you, and who you can trust to capture the moment honestly and authentically. Hopefully that person is me!

Edinburgh wedding photographer, Danielle Watt Film & Photo, jumping at the beach

my story

So, let me tell you a bit about me. I'm an Edinburgh lass through and through – I grew up in the city and I love it dearly. I know its quirks, its most scenic spots and hidden gems. After living abroad and travelling a bunch in my twenties I made roots in London where I worked in book publishing as a travel editor. Photography had long been a passion of mine, but it turns out all it took was a global pandemic to give me the kick up the a*** I needed to make the move back to the place I love most in the world and set up my own business doing what I love. And that’s exactly what I did.

Fast forward to today and I now live in lovely Leith with my husband Jonny (we got married in May 2023 so I'm still getting used to saying that!) in our wee tenement flat with our whippet pup called Winnie.

I love old French movies, being by the sea (or ideally in it) and feeling teeny-tiny among the mountains. I have an unhealthy obsession with light; pastel dawns, winter sun, that golden hour glow and dancing shadows... you name it, I'll chase it.

I don't do half measures – I laugh until I cry, dance until my feet hurt and I'll chat away until the cows come home.

When I'm not out and about with my camera you'll most likely find me pitching a tent in the Highlands, setting out on a bike-packing adventure; braving the chilly waters of the North Sea or the West Coast ( I use the term “brave” very loosely here by the way), cooking up a flavourful feast in the kitchen; or let's be real, I'm just as likely to be found cosying up on the sofa getting stuck in to my latest Netflix obsession. Everyone needs a bit of downtime right? 

my style

The best, most impactful photos are always the most authentic ones. They may not be perfect, in fact quite often they’re far from it. But they tell a story. And they’re the ones you’ll cherish in years to come. The real magic ingredient is you. It's the connection you have with one another. It's actual genuine emotion over fake cheesy grins that make your face hurt. It's the story and the tears and the laughter and the joy. So don't hold back, feel all the feels and I'll capture the moment honestly and unobtrusively.

we're a good match if...

You're relaxed, fun-loving and you value emotive images over perfect posing. My goal isn't to turn your session into an editorial photoshoot. It's to capture this special time in your life honestly and authentically. If that sounds good to you, then I think we're on to a winner!

oh, and one last thing

Please don't try and tell me you're not photogenic. I won't hear it! Okay okay, I totally get that the idea of being papped all day by a stranger with a camera in your face can be a bit daunting. Trust me, I for one am much happier hiding behind the lens. But the last thing I want to do is make you feel awkward or uncomfortable in any way, so I’ll follow your lead. I’ll never make you do something that makes you uncomfortable. I’ll never ask you to pose in a way that is unnatural to you. You focus on having a great time, I'll focus on the pics. And trust me, you'll look amazing!